SociRobotic Review: All You Need To Know About SociRobotic App

socirobotic review

SociRobotic Review: The first All-In-One social media automation and traffic generation tool to market, allowing you to drive highly targeted buyer traffic from 11 different social media platforms to any page, website, or store in a few clicks, with no technical skills or setup required.

Why You Should Look For Traffic Other Than Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, And Twitter

Yes, we agree that these top four Social Media Platforms have the most users (over 6.3+ billion in total), so your target audience is most likely concentrated here. But there is one thing you should be aware of: the competition is fierce.

Everyone is concentrating on these top four because the gurus say you should. And they forget that there are other social media platforms out there with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of daily users.

The easiest way to outsmart your competition as a savvy business owner is to be Where They Are but also BE WHERE THEY ARE NOT. In this manner, you will cut your own share of the platforms they focus on while capturing 100% of the platforms they ignore. Consider how much traffic you’d get if you used all 11 social networks.

The BIG PROBLEM: Managing these 11 platforms all at once is a lot of work; one of the most difficult aspects of monetizing social media traffic is the time it takes. It takes a lot of effort to manage just one platform…imagine what it will take to manage eleven. They are aware of this. That is why they created this tool to assist you in obtaining massive traffic from these 11 social media platforms from a single dashboard.

Let me introduce you to SociRobotic.

SociRobotic Review: What is SociRobotic

Socirobotic is a new and unique social media management and traffic generation app that will help you easily drive unlimited traffic, leads, and sales from the world’s leading social media platforms in 1 Click!

This social media management app helps you reach more targeted buyers, boost your sales and generate more leads while still maintaining very strong and professionally managed social media profiles.

SociRobotic Review: How Does it Work

Now that we know what socirobotic is, let’s now know how it works. The app works in 4 summarized steps.

socirobotic review

STEP 1: Log in to the cloud-based app: The first step after purchasing the app is to log in using the details you used when making the purchase.

socirobotic review

STEP 2: Connect Your Social Media Profiles: Once you are logged in, simply connect to your social media profiles. You can connect to as many accounts as possible.

socirobotic review

STEP 3: Compose Your Message: In this step, you need to compose the message you want to send out.

STEP 4: Send Your Message To 3 Billion+ Buyers: Once you are done composing your message, socirobotic will send the message to 11 social media platforms with over 3 billion users.

It is currently the best social media management and traffic generation software available, and I recommend you get access to socirobotic today.

SociRobotic Review: Features of SociRobotic

Below are the features of the socirobotic app:

Easily Post Your Content To 11 Platforms With One Click: You just need to create content once, and it will automatically post it for you on all the 11 connected social networks.

Save Time With The “Schedule Your Post” Feature: You can schedule a post to go live on those platforms at a set date and time. Tell SociRobotic when you want each one to go live and the platforms it should be posted on. Then spend your valuable time on other important areas of your business, while SociRobotic posts them for you.

Create and Reuse Captions In 1 Click: With this, you can create short captions inside SociRobotic and reuse them over and over and over again any time you want to create a new post.

Add Unlimited Accounts And Group Them By Niche/Businesses: You can create as many accounts as you want inside SociRobotic, and group them according to niches or businesses. And since you’re getting a commercial license with this version of SociRobotic, it means you can create accounts for other businesses as well and help them run their social media activities.

Never Lack Content For Your Social Media Audience: You can integrate RSS feeds from blogs and websites that post content relevant to your niche. It will pick up those contents when they release it, and share it with your social media audience automatically.

2GB Free Image Storage Included For You: It allows you to save up to 2GB in image files inside the app. With this, you can store up images there so the software can easily pick them up when it wants to make a post for you. You can also import content from Dropbox with ease inside the software.

All The Images You Will Ever Need For Your Social Media Posts: Using images downloaded from Google on your social media posts can get you into trouble. They don’t want that to happen to you, and that’s why they built in over 1 million royalty-free images you can use for your social media posts.

Never Miss A Trend; Ride On It To Get More Traffic Using SociRobotic: You can simply enter a keyword within the app to find the trending hashtags for you related to that keyword on Instagram and Twitter. With this, you can simply plug it into your posts and get more attention and traffic from your posts.

Post On Your Blog Too Without Logging Into Your WordPress Admin Area: You can connect your blogging platform to SociRobotic and post your articles directly to it without leaving SociRobotic.

2 Inbuilt Photoshop Like Image Editors: It also comes with dozens of templates so you do not need to brainstorm on designs to post etc.

Unlimited Social Media Management: You literally get unlimited use on all the features of SociRobotic on this page NO CAP.

Commercial License Included: Never post boring images ever again, with their inbuilt image editors, you will be able to edit pictures right before you post them on your social media handles.

What SociRobotic Can Do For You

  • It’s the only social media management software that allows you to get traffic from 11 different social networks. The closest that can do that right now only allows you to post to 6 networks.
  • Even Cooler Feature -It’s the only social media management software that allows you posts to multiple blogs at the same time. So you can manage both your social networks and your blogs from one platform, saving yourself time.
  • It comes at the most insane price ever. Other social media management software, which by the way does less than what SociRobotic does, charges monthly to use it.
  • Get massive high-quality social traffic from 11 social networks
  • Save the time you would have spent managing all the 11 social networks one after the other
  • Save the money you would have spent hiring social media managers to run the social networks for you
  • Get more leads, build authority and get more sales from the traffic you get
  • Ultimately grow your business faster with the money and time savings, PLUS the traffic you’d get for free from these social networks.

SociRobotic Review: SociRobotic Pricing

Front End (SociRobotic Pro – $21/$27):

  • One-Click Posting on Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram and YouTube (plus Reddit) 8 Social Media Platforms
  • Facebook Group (Admin) & Page Posting
  • Reach 6.7 Billion Active users on Major Platforms
  • Organic Leads Without The Need To Advertise
  • Connect Unlimited Social Media Accounts
  • Schedule and Post Unlimited Posts Monthly
  • Create Unlimited Social Media Graphics Using Our Next Gen Image & Graphics Editors
  • 2GB File Manager for Media Upload
  • Easy Media File Browsing
  • Drag-And-Drop Social Media Account Group Manager
  • Social Media Post Preview
  • Next-Gen Image Editors
  • Text, Link, Image & Video Posting
  • Captions Library for Your Favorite Post Captions
  • Clear Reporting per Social Media Platform
  • Post Planner for Queued, Published and Unpublished Posts
  • Instagram Story & Carrousel Posts with Geo Targeting
  • Commercial License for Sale of Commercial Products
  • Connect Unlimited Social Media Accounts
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

OTO 1 (SociRobotic Agency – $47):

  • Your Own Dashboard to Add & Manage Team/Clients
  • Complete User Management Ability
  • User Activity Reporting
  • SociRobotic Max Functionality to Publish on the 11 BIGGEST Social Media Platforms
  • An All In One Agency Suite that gives you 360 degrees management of your agency. From invoices to quotes to billing etc.
  • A Website to Gain New Local Business Clients (Including Instructions on how to deploy it)
  • A Sales Video Presentation you can easily edit with your logo and agency details.
  • A Professional PowerPoint Presentation For Your Sales Meetings
  • A Work Agreement Template

OTO 2 (SociRobotic DFY – $197):

  • We will brainstorm an agency name for you.
  • We will design a unique logo for you.
  • We will set up your agency website with all you need to get started.
  • We will set up your client manager account with your agency details.

OTO 3 (SociRobotic Whitelabel – $497):

We will set up SociRobotic on your own server with all our sales materials customized to fit your new software.

SociRobotic Conclusion

SociRobotic is an amazing social media management app that is easy to use and drives traffic from different social media platforms to your website, affiliate offer, or online store.

With it, you’d be able to get massive high-quality social traffic from 11 social networks, save the time you would have spent managing all the 11 social networks one after the other, save the money you would have spent hiring social media managers to run the social networks for you, get more leads, build authority and get more sales from the traffic you get.

Ultimately grow your business faster with the money and time savings, PLUS the traffic you’d get for free from these social networks.
This is in addition to the 5 premium bonuses you’re getting.

SociRobotic FAQs

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we give you a full 30 days to check out the system and use it. This will help you see whether this is for you.

Is This a Lifetime Deal?

Yes, this is a lifetime deal. You pay once and use it forever. No recurring payments or what so ever.

Is There Training Provided?

Yes, we give full over-the-shoulder training for all aspects of the SociRobotic platform. These are updated as new features are added.

Will This Work On Any Computer?

Yes, this is a cloud-based platform and it will work for anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

Will This Price Remain?

No after the early bird launch this will go to a recurring monthly fee and the bonuses will be removed.

Are There Any Limits?

The only limit and safeguard we put in place is a spam threshold, we hold posts if your account is hitting any of our spam thresholds.

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