ClientFinda Review: Everything You Need To Know + OTO Details + Bonuses

Clientfinda uses the most advanced lead generation technology to find you laser-targeted and pre-qualified buyer leads that are most likely to buy your service.

In this Clientfinda review, I will explain what is clientfinda, how clientfinda works, clientfinda features, clientfinda pricing and otos, clientfinda demo video and lastly clientfinda bonuses.

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In the beginning, starting a business is not difficult, but taking the business to the next level can be challenging. This is due to the need for regular cash flow.

One of the main reasons for business failure in fast-growing companies is cash flow problems. The excitement of escalating sales can sometimes outpace your ability to finance it. It’s tough, because you have become the victim of your own success.

Prior to expansion, you should plan carefully and ensure you have a solid funding source to support your expansion. At least if you over-plan, and sales don’t soar as you expected, you won’t face financial hardship.

And the only way to have regular cash flow is to have clients who will pay for your services or products.

Getting quality clients can become a big pain in the neck for a business. I’ll show you how to find them, as well as the best methods and system to employ.

According to statistics,

  • Only approximately 20% of new businesses make it through their first year of operation.
  • Within the first five years, half of small businesses fail.

These statistics can be frightening, whether you’re a seasoned small business owner or a first-time entrepreneur.

If you want to get quality clients for your business, regardless of the niche you serve or whether it’s a service or product-based business. Then get ready for the new ClientFinda App, which will launch on July 22nd, 2021.


ClientFinda Review – What Is ClientFinda?

ClientFinda Review

ClientFinda is an advanced lead generation app that uses the combined power of Artificial Intelligence(AI), Natural Language Processing(NLP) & Machine Learning(ML) to carry out a deep search for quality buyer leads and for ANY niche you can think of.

You simply need to do is answer just a few questions and boom

ClientFinda AI wizard will generates laser-targeted and pre-qualified buyer leads targeting ONLY those leads with specific requirements and that are most likely to buy your services.

For example, you can learn whether or not your potential lead is running ads and what type of ad they are running. Across platforms, such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Adwords, the ad media identification is done for you.

You can then approach them with ready-to-use ads or an ad service proposal if they don’t run ads at all, based on their brand needs and preferences.

Just imaging pitching to a prospect who already knows the issues that their business is dealing with…. It’ll be a breeze to close!

ClientFinda Review – How Does It Work?

Now that we know what clientfinda is, let’s now learn how it works. ClientFinda helps you find qualified buyer leads for ANY Niche – and it takes ONLY three main steps!

ClientFinda review step 1

First Step: You enter your target audience filters (location, niche, social media presence, online reviews etc.)

Clientfinda review step 2

Second Step: You view businesses that are most likely to buy your services.
(Results powered by AI, NLP & ML… ensuring 99.99% accuracy)

Clientfinda review step 3

Third Step: Contact the clients that are most likely to buy your services so you don’t waste resources on dead leads.

Below is a Clientfinda demo video explaining how ClientFinda works in detail.

ClientFinda Review – ClientFinda Features

This advanced leads generation app has a great feature and in this part of the review article, we will talk about that feature.

The great feature of ClientFinda is that you can learn whether or not your potential lead is running ads and what type of ad they are running. The ad medium identification is done for you across platforms- Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Adwords.

Based on their brand needs and preference, you can then approach them with ready-to-use ads or an ad service proposal if they don’t run ads at all.

You will then be able to provide your clients with the following service:

GMB Status
They don’t have a Google My Business listing yet? Great, here’s your opportunity to dive right in & save the day! Ofcourse we all know the importance of GMB listing.

Google Rank
How well does their business rank on Google? Does the website use optimization effectively? If not, sell them your expertise.

Ad Pixels
They have ineffective ads? Sell high converting ads to them as soon as you connect with them almost like you read their mind!

Google Analytics
Instantly understand if your lead is using Google Analytics to track and grow their brand on their website.
If not, jump in & save the day & get paid doing so.

Schema Markup
Discover websites that don’t use schema markup, and then reach out so you can provide them your services and charge them top dollar for it.

Linkedin Profile
Find out if the business has an existing LinkedIn profile along with details about their connections…

Facebook Profile
Find out if the business has a Facebook account along with statistics such as page likes, posts & activity…

Find out if the business is on Twitter…with details like number of followers, tweets & re-tweets!

ClientFinda Review – Who Is It For?

ClientFinda review - who is it for

Are you still thinking if this lead generation software is for you? Well ClientFinda works for the following industries:

  • Real estate and realtors
  • Ecommerce
  • Airbnb Listings
  • Car Sales
  • Travel and recreation
  • Video games
  • Film and music
  • Virtual shopping and retail
  • Education
  • Video Marketing

The fact is that no matter your audience type – SMM, Content Marketing, Website Builder, Paid Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, Ecommerce, Traffic, Agency & MMO, etc.

This offer is perfect for you because EVERYBODY needs buyer leads.

ClientFinda Review – ClientFinda Pricing & OTOs

Clientfinda review pricing and otos

The price offer for this lead generation app is quite amazing. ClientFinda plus all the awesome bonuses attached to it are going for a very TINY one-time fee of $37…Cool right?

That’s is just a very tiny bitty fraction of its true value, market cost, not to mention the income potential!

It is also interesting to note that this little investment is backed by a solid ZRO RISK 14 days money-back guarantee. What this means is that you can test run the software with all the risk on the product creator.

FAIR WARNING: This low one-time fee is valid only during the launch special period, DON’T MISS IT!

ClientFinda Review – ClientFinda OTOs

Aside the $37 one-time price, ClientFinda offers OTOs/Upsell which give you more option for leads, sales and more profit. Below are the list of upsells available in the clientfinda funnel.

Upsell 1: ClientFinda PRO Unlimited – $67/month

With the clientfinda pro version, users get access to run UNLIMITED searches, generate UNLIMITED leads, close UNLIMITED clients and make UNLIMITED profits all for a low one-time fee!

The Unlimited Edition removes all restrictions. You can experience the true power of unlimited laser targeted leads & sales. Plus… All pro users INSTANTLY unlock some premium & custom bonuses and access to top priority support.

Upsell 2: Outreachr – AI Cold Email Writer – $67

Outreachr is an AI-powered & Fully Automated Lead Communication System. After generating high-quality leads using ClientFinda, the next thing is to reach out and convert these leads into customers.

This is where Outreachr comes in, in just 3 clicks, users can; leverage AI technology to create personalized cold outreach emails sased on your prospect’s online behaviour, activity & business need.

Upsell 3: DFY Digital Marketing Services – $97

Now that you have gotten an endless stream of high-quality leads that are ready to pay for your service, get instant access to TEN Full-Blown Digital Marketing Service Kits & provide high in-demand digital marketing services to your NEW & EXISTING clients.

With this, you can start and scale a profitable agency that sells 10 services to local businesses. You can get a ready-made agency website, prospecting kit, brochures, proposals, etc…for 10 local niches.

Upsell 4: Resellify + ClientFinda Reseller – $197, $297

RESELL CleintFinda app as your own and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to make money selling software products.

Plus…get Reseller Rights to FIVE High-Quality Software Apps with Professionally Designed Sales Pages and Marketing Materials

ClientFinda Review – PROS & CONS

In this part of the clientfinda review, we will look at the pros and cons of the app.

The pros are obviously endless, but I’ll just mention a few;

  • Higher conversions guaranteed
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Maximum global reach
  • Super-easy to use
  • Easy to set up


  • The funnel is pretty deep; 4 whole upsells/upgrade options: this isn’t much of a con as the software still works perfectly without any of the upgrades.
  • You will need a good internet connection.

ClientFinda Review – ClientFinda Bonuses

This lead generation software has 5 amazing bonus that you can use to grow your business. Below are the list of bonuses.

Bonus #1: Email Profits Formula

Clientfinda review bonus 1

This excellent package enables you to make the best use of Email marketing and reach out to widely scattered masses without investing a fortune. You can use this bonus to intensify your prospects growth, and become an enviable success story.

Bonus #2: Local Business Graphics Bundle

Clientfinda review bonus 2

This is an all inclusive bundle of 40+ premium and attention grabbing marketing graphics pack cutting across over 40 local niches. The graphics were professionally designed and come ready made with high converting copies/text!

You can use them on your website, for social media marketing, you can use them to run ads… In Fact, you can use them for virtually any marketing or branding purposes you can think of.

You are getting access to both the jpeg file for a preview and the PSD file, so you can easily edit and customize to fit your specific need.

Bonus #3: Done-For-You Social Media Content Calendar & Strategy For 365 Days [Full Year]

Clientfinda review bonus 3

Done-For-You Social Media Content Calendar & Strategy For 365 Days (this alone is worth $1,997)

With this vault you will never lack content for your social media marketing again as you’ll get ready-made daily curated content with fresh trending topics giving you ALL the benefits of content marketing with none of the work.

Bonus #4: LinkedIn Auto Post Machine

Clientfinda review bonus 4

(Multi Account License & Whitelabel)With just a few clicks you can create a promotion campaign on linkedin with many features available on the script will certainly give you a great experience.


== Support multi linkedin accounts: helping you advertise more comprehensive

== Report posts: statistical success rate of the posts.

== Repost post: lets you automatically post back every day without having to post back.

== Random post: automatically selects a random profile to post in a specified time.

== Support multi language: makes it easy to access and use the product thoroughly.

== Easy customization and multi themes: helping you have more choices for the management interface to suit you.

== Support multi users: not only can you manage that you can share it with everyone you want.

Bonus #5: How To Sell Your Product Or Service Online

Clientfinda review bonus 5

Selling online has never been an easy deal, it gets even more complicated and competitive as the world advance.
However, Top marketers will tell you that internet marketing is one of the biggest and lucrative Businesses ever..
So how do they do it, what are the secrets and what are you missing.

These are what have been answered in this video and even more.
Especially as a ClientFinda user, this course will help you close High paying customers who will pay good money if you follow the steps in this video.

ClientFinda Review – Conclusion

In my last words, if you want to keep your business running without the fear of no clients or running out of cash flow then ClientFinda is your close pal.

Hence, on this note, I’ll say; ClientFinda is a timely solution and I highly recommend it.

Without any doubt, I can give it a five-star review, anything other than that will be “BIAS!”

You can go ahead and secure your access, your investment is SAFE & WISE, cheers!

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